Staff Augmentation Services is focused on hiring people outside the company for a certain period. The primary purpose is to increase the company’s productivity and volume. 

There are various reasons why companies choose to augment the team instead of hiring a permanent employee. You may consider our staff augmentation service:

If you need some unique skills for the short term ( create logo or brand, install or update software, etc.) 

If you want to increase the capacity of work ( project work, higher productivity, etc.) 

If you need consulting services and highly skilled personnel with a lot of experience and proficiency in your field

 IT Staff Augmentation Services make it easy to balance cost-effectiveness and project/product development. In addition, it gives a lot of free space for the client to focus on the primary task. The core responsibilities for staff augmentation services are to do all the administrative and organizational tasks.  

With Staff Augmentation Services you get the possibility to hire skilled and affordable specialists from all around the world. Eventually, you will grow your business and work efficiency.

Services We Provide

Complementing Your Team With Talented Individuals

We provide team extension services to help you increase the productivity of the existing team. Sometimes we suffer from a lack of ideas and ask ourselves where to find inspiration. You may benefit from hiring a specialist with a high level of proficiency and seeing the rapid growth of your team’s skill set. 

Contract-Based (project-based) Cooperation

We provide top Staff Augmentation services for short-term projects. We have prepared candidates ready to start working with you immediately. Specialists that we hire can become a part of your permanent staff if you have decided to grow your business. 

Project Transition

Have troubles with your project and don’t know what to do next? Project transitioning is a complex process that should be guided and supervised by professionals. Our IT Augmentation services will ensure every transition step is smoothly executed and provide effective results. 

Long-Term Cooperation

Staff augmentation projects will add a piece of innovativeness to your long-term business. Our specialists always think critically and analyze data to predict future issues that may appear. In long-term cooperation, you may hire staff for various reasons, from getting rid of the small tasks to developing a new application. 

Why Choose Us

Flexible Hiring Process

Hire specialists in a short period with our team extension outsourcing services. You will be free from the torment of the hiring process, and we will save your money and resources. We have both: ready-to-go specialists and we conduct recruiting services also. 

Access Worldwide

We work with the best of the best. Those are both narrowly and widely specialized people with various levels of expertise, depending on your needs. We have specialists that can start working right away but also you may also take part in a recruiting process to cover your long-term needs. 


We understand our clients’ needs and adapt every work process to be more cost-effective. Furthermore, the IT services & staff augmentation that we provide ensure that you pay just for the operation of work. We save the money that you could spend on office, taxes, tools, etc.  

Team Productivity

Sometimes you may need additional help. We are here to provide you with accountable remote specialists. With our IT staffing augmentation services, you’ll have more time to think about your company’s future and spend less time executing routine tasks. 

Team’s Diversification

Do you feel you need a fresh vision? Our staff augmentation consulting services IT will definitely make it easier for you. The specialists we hire have broad experience in their field and can bring new ideas to the project. Furthermore, we focus on the onboarding and cooperation process to insert our experts as smoothly as possible.   

Qualified Employees

The beauty of the modern world is that we are not restricted by the countries’ borders. By choosing team augmentation services, you get staff with great experience, the ability to analyze data, notice patterns, conduct risk management, and much more. 

We Hire

1. Software Developers. Our software engineers and developers have many years of practice and are eager to help you with your project. They constantly focus on sourcing and gaining new knowledge. 

2. Designers. Our designers are all about creativity and trends. We make sure that they’re aware of the latest. They will add a fresh perspective to the team’s work.  

3. QA Engineers. Do you want to get the best results? Our testers are all about perfectionism. They will provide testing services for every development stage. 

4. DevOps. We provide various development services, from Front-End Development to Full-Stack Development. Our developers will make sure that everything is going according to the plan and provide additional feedback. 

5. App Developers. Our skilled app developers will complement the existing team with their knowledge. They are also eager to cooperate and provide structured feedback to the employees. 

6. C-Level Technical Executives. You will have the possibility to increase the productivity of the whole department with our specialists.  

7. Backend Engineers. Our backend engineers may be responsible for building the core of the software application, such as designing, building, and maintaining. We provide senior specialists with an experience in your field. 

8. Frontend Engineers. Our frontend engineers focus on usability and constant improvement of customer experience. They are always on the same page with technical, marketing, and visual trends. 

9. Software architects . Our software architects will be responsible for maintaining and implementing new features into a functioning system. They also are great team players that will find the common ground with an in-house team easily. 

10. Data Scientists. Gathering and analyzing data for our specialists is like breathing. They know how to see the tendencies, predict the future and prevent various risks.

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IT Staff Augmentation Process:

1. You contact us. Get in touch with us, and talk to our leading experts. They will assist you through the whole journey. The most important thing you should know is that we value transparency from both sides in the first place.  

2. We gather your requirements. The more information you give us, the better. At this stage, we will discuss and structure the requirements according to our system. Our managers will pick up proper augmentation services for your business and create strategies to solve all the issues. 

3. Technical Interview. Our team provides technical interviews to gather information about essential skills. It depends on your needs: if you need a fresh point of view with a new perspective or if you just need hands on deck. 

4. You get the best talents for your team.  We choose the most suitable people for your project based on their experience in the needed field, compatibility with the teams, set of skills, etc. We provide both: ready-to-go specialists that can help you with urgent projects but also you may take part in a recruiting process of employees for long-term cooperation. 

5. Contract Sign-Up. We retire all of the requirements and expectations in a legal document. We register all of the needed deadlines, timelines, data protection measures, payments, etc. This stage is crucial because we want to be on the same page with our clients. 

6. Cooperation Start. We assist you with an onboarding process. We want to make sure our talents are integrated into the in-house team successfully. Moreover, we build clear communication and custom effective feedback practices to improve productivity.

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